QA Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

QA Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Are you preparing a mobile testing job interview? Get yourself ready with this shortlist of popular QA mobile testing interview questions and answers.

As the world’s tech becomes increasingly mobile, testing of applications and websites designed for various mobile devices gets more demanded every day. If you are going to interview for a mobile project, don’t be puzzled by all the new developments. Instead, refresh and structure your knowledge by running through this list of common mobile testing interview questions and answers, and be ready to get in!

QA Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the main difference between mobile and web testing?

Web testing requires accessing the site via an internet browser. Mobile testing can mean either mobile web testing (which is testing of web applications in browsers on mobile devices), or mobile application testing (which implies running a dedicated application installed on a device).

2. What are the types of mobile application?

Mobile applications belong to one of three types:

  • Web Application
  • Native Application
  • Hybrid Application

3. Can you name the most recent versions of iOS and Android?

Your answer should be the very latest versions, so check them before your interview if you are not sure.

4. What are the most significant challenges in mobile application testing?

Mobile applications need to be able to:

  • run on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes with different OS versions
  • work on different kinds of networks (2G/Edge, 3G, 4G, Wifi etc.)
  • deal with battery life and power consumption;
  • handle interruptions such as incoming calls or messages.

5. List approaches to mobile testing on different devices

  • Prioritizing the list of supported devices/resolutions and focusing on the most important ones
  • Using emulators, simulators
  • Using crowdsourced testing services
  • Using cloud-based application testing services
  • Real-world beta testing

6. What are the limitations of using emulators as a means of mobile application testing?

Although they are able to replicate the work of hardware, emulators can’t guarantee that the result is identical to that on a real device.

Also, emulators cannot recreate the following conditions.

  • Interruptions (incoming call, SMS etc.)
  • Various hardware and software settings/features specific to a device/OS
  • The genuine screen colors, brightness and contrast in dark and light environment
  • Interactions with other systems or components (which are a part of interoperability testing)

7. Name some popular mobile automation testing tools

There are a number of popular mobile testing automation tools, and it is common to be asked about those that you have had experience with.

Some of the most popular tools:

8. What are the most important types of testing for mobile application testing?

  • Installation/Deinstallation
  • Compatibility
  • UI, UX, responsiveness
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Interruption
  • Internationalization
  • Stability
  • Interoperability
  • Usability

9. Please describe any interesting bugs that you have recently found?

Describe any non-trivial bug that took extra effort to locate. It may be a bug that required deep analysis to find the root cause or some security issue, defect related to memory ,or reproduced on a specific device/OS configuration.

10. How would you test for recoverability?

Recoverability, or recovery testing verifies the application is able to recover after a crash or failure. All important data should be safe, with nothing lost during such crashes. It may require a lot of effort and resources to perform extensive recovery testing. These common examples are quite easy to perform for reproducing:

  • the loss of network during some critical action for an app that requires connection to the internet
  • low battery charge, device reboot due to the low charge
  • sudden interruption or closing of the app while critical processes or actions are still running in the app


Here, we have highlighted some of the more common questions that relate to mobile app testing. You can find more examples of interview questions with answers (both Basic Level Questions and STLC-related interview questions) along with many more useful tips on the blog.

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